Waiting, for a musician, is a blessing and a curse all at the same time. The never ending "hurry up and wait" feeling can be traced back to the very first time a musician picks up his/her instrument. He/she has to wait to learn the basics, this is the curse, the blessing comes as the achievements start occurring as a direct result of hard work and practice. A musician quickly learns how important practice is, and progress comes from practice.  This truth rings loud and clear all the way from the beginner's bedroom to the band's rehearsal practice before the big show. There are great lessons and fun times to be had during the waiting period, some of the most memorable occurrences happen while a band is in practice. The lesson learned from the beginning (progress comes from practice) is what drives most bands to endure the curse of waiting so long to see results!

The trick is to enjoy the journey and not worry so much about the destination, all we have is today.

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