Someone once said "Image is Everything".  A bunch of people took that to heart, and now everyone strives to "put their best foot forward" and show the world the best version of themselves.  Very rarely do we open ourselves up, and show others the journey to creating that best face.  The joys, the pain, the disappointments, the set backs and the final moment when you realize that it's just about perfect.  We're so concerned to show the rough drafts of our lives, because we don't want someone to see us for less than we are.  It's really very sad, because the journey of polishing those rough drafts is usually the most exciting, the most liberating parts of our lives!


When writing music, it's all about the rough drafts.  It's a thought, a feeling that translates to the pen or the guitar string.  It's a rhythm you just can't get out of your head.  It's a memory that threatens to drive you to the brink of insanity if you don't let it out.  Then you try to tie it all together.  You chisel away, adding, subtracting, writing and erasing, recording and playing.  You stare at your laptop for hours, you pick at your strings until your fingers bleed, persisting with this imperfect thought until finally, you hit the play button, lean back, and smile. 


Today we're going to share with you a first draft.  It's extremely rough.  It may never amount to nothing.  It may become everything.  We don't know.  Mark thought it up sitting in his room one night, and the furthest it's gotten is to the inbox of Hair, Tyler and J-Brown.  It may stay there for years, or it may find it's way on an album.  But to us, this is the beginning, and we feel that you, our friends, our family, our backbone and support system, should get to hear the imperfections, to see the most exciting part of our journey. 


Feel free to download this and keep it.  All we ask is that you let it give you courage to be real, be raw and show your imperfections.


We love you all!


Confusion (first try) Confusion Rough Draft.mp3


To download, just right click on the link and save it to your computer. 

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