Double Run's music video Levitate (directed by Patrick Rippman of Bootleg Productions in Savannah, GA) won best music video at the "15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival" in Palm Bay, Florida!   A huge thank you to Patrick Rippman for his work on Levitate! ”

15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival

The EP opens with "Slip Away" which is a slower song that introduces the listener to the singing style that has a southern twinge. The track cascades up and down and creates a good atmosphere during its duration. "Levitate" is their first single off the EP and it brings an almost grunge feeling to the table. The emphasis on crunchy guitars, melodic riffs and soaring melodies are comparable to early Breaking Benjamin. A very solid single. "Who I Am" opens with a guitar riff that transitions into the first verse. The track wastes no time as its chorus is faster paced and builds the Southern rock atmosphere perfectly with its lyrical content and instrumentation. "2000 Days" is slower paced and is more intimate of a song. The guitars add an excellent layer of depth to the track. "Goodbye" opens with a bass line that is almost Mr. Bungle-esque. The track takes a turn into Barenaked Ladies territory throughout the song. It's a unique approach but it works. "Coming Unglued" closes out the EP with its overall catchiness. The track is personal, emotional and has hit written all over it. The song is incredible and is sure to be a listener/crowd favorite. Verdict: Double Run has a different style of rock which will make them stick out from the crowd. It's radio friendly but isn't as cut and paste as radio rock. The different aspects of their music should make it enjoyable for any fan of rock music to cling onto.”

From The Depths Entertainment

A little edge, some old school 70′s rock and a WHOLE LOT of southern personality. Double Run’s debut album had a lot more country to it, but the band has pushed in a different direction. “Levitate” mixes a Collective Soul sound with some Seattle grunge, but still has that definitive southern twang. The new album is slated to be released sometime in early 2013, and we will be waiting for it. ” - Victor Alfieri


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